Hodowla psów rasowych Dilorini - Owczarek francuski - Briard

Hodowla psów rasowych - Dilorini

About breed

The first mention of the French pastoral dogs are found in agricultural advisory Rosier priest from 1809. However, the old drawings and documents indicate that it was known much earlier. Already Charlemagne kept at his court appearance dogs very similar to the Briard.
breed originated - like the Beauceron - from old sheep dog encountered in the lowlands of French, which sometimes admixed with blood of mastiffs and wire-haired hunting dogs. Initially, these dogs were used to defend flocks against wolves and other attackers. Only since the early nineteenth century they were the dogs that help the ordinary pastoral grazing sheep. Today - because of the beauty - they are kept in houses as their representative business card.

Briard is a large dog (dog height of 62-68 cm, females from 56 to 64 cm), with a rectangular body shape. Head strong, fairly long. Ears set high, held upright, cut or not. The hair on the head form a beard, mustache and eyebrows, which are lightly cover the eyes. Straight back, croup slightly sloping, the chest wide and deep. Tail heavily feathered, kept low. Limbs with strong bone, well feathered, placed upright. The hind legs are double spurs. Long hair, slightly wavy with a light undercoat. Colour fawn, black or gray.

It is a balanced dog, but a strong character, very active and feel best in motion. Briard is not a decoration , but very demanding dog, full of temperament, stubborn, intelligent, and vigilant, with a significant defensive instinct. education it requires the owner's understanding, strong will and the consequences. Because it is relatively easy in training, we can see it more and more on the PT and Agility competitions.
It is recommended for keeping in the house with a garden, and even in homes, provided, however, that we will be able to provide consistency in his upbringing and the right move. Coat needs care, it must be brushed out and groom, otherwise turn into a tangle, and the only salvation will be the dog a haircut, which is just a beautiful adornment of hair.